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Asaas System for Property Management
Cloud Property Management System for owners and management offices/companies, it provides full integrated operation for administrative and financial management of properities, units, leases and employees. Asaas provides unique types of needed reports with a lot of professional features.
Matejer Company
Matejer for Development is considered as one of the leading companies in developing products that focuses on B2B model and working in the e-commerce industry. The company has products targets the regional area as well the international markets. More than 30 expert staff members are forming this company and working hard to deliver a reliable and sustainable products for the market. Matajer team consists of the most important parts that needed to build a great international level products, the company have Admin department, Development department, Business Development department, Marketing and Sales Department, HR department and Financial department. The company are using the agile mindset as its base methodology of working in all departments. In the last 2 years, Matajer developed a product of baseet.io system that works for properties managent. However Matajer still have products under development and under research which will be focusing on a trending needs for the local and international markets.
EXA Serve for Information Technology
EXA IT is a pioneered Saudi company that owns many of various technology companies that provide the latest services in the field of cloud computing and electronic applications, these companies are (Matager, ExaServe, Cloudex, EXAcall, EXAhost) For more information, please visit company website: exaserve.com
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