Offers & Demands

  • The ability to add dedicated properties/units offers for the management company in with complete specifications and images at flexible and effective way
  • The ability to add demands (requests) for tenants through the system with all the required details
  • All offers and demands are characteristically and effectively displayed with the ability to customize the display
  • The ability of sorting and classification of offers and demands and the possibility of search effectively within a clear and easy-to-access items
  • A matching process between the offers and demands to facilitate the process of administration for the department
  • The work of a dedicated external site each management constituent real estate so that it has its own identity and is the link between the site and internal content of the department of offers and demands in the system
  • The possibility of site management through a separate control panel that contains many useful options like the management of advertisements.
  • The possibility of receiving site visitors inquiries about the advertised offers and show it within the section in the system
  • The possibility of publication of news and advertisements and other things on your own site through the Control Panel
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